Special Diets 


Our recipes and products are reduced sodium and contain approximately 25 to 50% less sodium than traditional recipes. Our motto is, "You can always add it, but you can't get take it out" in regard to salt.


We also create our recipes and products to have less fat and lower sugar than traditional recipes and products.


We make sure to include ingredients and nutritional analysis on all of our products.  Always consult labels and portion guidelines.


Our semi-gluten free products do not contain wheat.  Our facility does process products that contain wheat and glutenous items. While wheat or other gluten containing ingredients may not be an ingredient in our products, all our items are produced in the same area where products containing wheat or glutenous items are created. Though best practices are used in the manufacturing of our goods, inadvertent cross-contamination may occur. All products are produced in a facility and on equipment that also processes wheat, soy, milk, eggs and gluten items.



Food Allergy Disclaimer


October Kitchen Services makes every attempt to identify ingredients that may cause allergic reactions for those with food allergies. Every effort is made to instruct our food production staff on the severity of food allergies. In addition, we label items with possible allergen-containing ingredients; however, there is always a risk of contamination. There is also a possibility that manufacturers of the commercial foods we use could change the formulation at any time, without notice. Customers concerned with food allergies need to be aware of this risk. October Kitchen LLC will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed. Persons with food allergies are encouraged to contact October Kitchen for additional information and/or support.


If you are very sensitive to gluten or must maintain a 10 milligram per day or less exposure we cannot guarantee zero gluten contamination.