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My boyfriend and I work long hours and by the time we get home, do not feel like cooking. October Kitchen saved me! I enjoy being able to take out of the freezer homemade, healthy food and pop it in the oven (or microwave). So much better than Dream Dinners, where you spend hours there preparing your food and then when its time to eat it, you still have to prep it and cook it. Paul at October Kitchen already does everything for you and you just need to heat it up and eat. They use less salt and seasonings, so its good for everyone; "You can always add it, but you can't take it out." Seeing we have no health issues, we always "add it", and that's okay! Love LOVE October Kitchen!
- Carol L

Love this place! Wide variety of meals to choose from each week. Everything I've ordered has always been extremely tasty. All healthy options. I don't have to worry about cooking when I get home from work or resort to take out. I know I'm paying for the convenience but it's absolutely worth it. Excellent customer service too. Really nice and attentive people.
- Monica A.

Last year, After my Mom was discharged from rehab after a heart attack, she was too weak to prepare meals on her own. We started ordering meals to be delivered from October Kitchen! What a godsend!! My Mom is very fussy and she absolutely LOVED the delicious meals that were so easy to heat up. This was a much better solution than high sodium frozen food from the store. The freshly prepared, low sodium meals have made a huge difference in her life! She's eating better and it took the pressure off of me, her caregiver!! I enjoy the meals too..when life is too busy to cook for my family!!! The menu changes weekly with yummy choices! And the staff are friendly and easy to work with! Thanks October Kitchen!
- Tracy C.

Delicious and healthy meals delivered right to your door!
October Kitchen really saves the day for a busy working mom like me!
- Lynn M.

The best there is. I have been using their food service for over a year and have never had a bad meal. Since I have been eating the meals for my dinner, I Have lost over 80 pounds. Excellent , healthy food what more can you ask for, plus the price is right.
- Raymond U.