Our Health Partners


Here at October Kitchen we are determined to provide long lasting nutrition and nourishment with our healthy, balanced meals. But, we are not the only ones who have physical fitness on our minds. We have been working closely with our partners and personal trainers at ML Fitness to combine our proper eating habits and their work out sessions to create a Fat-Busting Program!

There's no guessing if ML Fitness will work for you, no wondering if it will be worth it, no fad diets, your training will work and get you results. Your personal trainer will hold you accountable, will know when to push you or when to back off, they will target specific areas of your body with specific excersises to achieve maximum results. They will work with you to ensure that you are doing the correct exersises and most importantly with the correct form to gain the most benefit and minimize possible injuries!

Combine their excellent knowlege of the human body and how to best ease into a work out suited for your fitness level and our tasty, but STILL healthy and well balance meals at October Kitchen, how can anyone go wrong?

Just imagine! Delicious, healthy weight loss meals, delivered right to your door!


A custom prepared meal program can be prepared for you.  We do all the cooking and tedious portioning.  So all you have to do is heat and eat and stay on your personal plan.  This is the most effective program available for people who are very serious about losing weight and staying healthy.


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