How to select your entrees for a Pot Luck Supper Club order?


  • There will be 5 entrees available for selection, of which you can choose 3 for delivery. 
  • Click on "Our Menu" in the top navigation menu.
  • Click on "Menu Week of _____" tab that you're ordering for.
  • All menu items available for the entire week will be displayed on this page including Seasonal Sides and Favorites.
  • The  Pot Luck Supper Club will be the first items in the list.  Click "add to order" (don't worry, you're not placing the order).
  • Click on the date box so a check mark appears and your order is always a one-time only order, never recurring.
    Click "save and review order" ( again, no worries, still shopping)
  • You will now see that an "order" is displayed and "populated" with 3 pre-chosen entrees. Just click on any one of the green arrows which will then take you to the next page and now you can choose which entres you'd like.
  • Place a "0" in the quantity field for the entree you don't want to select and place a "1"in the quantity field for the entree you do want to select as part of your Pot Luck Supper Club delivery. You can select a total of ‘3’ entrees in the Pot Luck Supper Club. Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit "submit" to save your choices. If you'd like to add additional items, hit  "browse" and then click on the "Menu Week of___" tab and add items to your order. If you make a mistake you can click into your shopping cart and re-select your choices , add items or remove items.