Pot Luck Supper Club





The Pot Luck Supper Club is a weekly, meal package deal that makes it simple for anyone to enjoy delicious, healthy dinners at home. Each week, the chefs at October Kitchen make homemade dinners from scratch, using only the freshest ingredients.


All menus are carefully planned, prepared and packaged so that you and your family can enjoy a complete dinner without the hassle of shopping, preparing and cooking. It is the perfect meal solution for busy families, new moms, hard-working executives, and seniors.


The Pot Luck Supper Club (PLSC) package includes:

- Three delicious entrées packaged in either:

          Twin Size           (2 portions per entrée)

          Twin Spilt           (2 single serving containers per entrée)

          Family Size        (4 portions per entrée)

And all PLSC are served with Chef's Choice of fresh soup, salad, dessert and breakfast muffins.



Dinner Service


How to Order:


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  2. Enter login info into Customer Sign-In box on the home page

  3. Once logged in you will be taken to the Our Menu page.
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